We cherish the opportunity to come together for special services that enrich our faith, celebrate important moments, and deepen our connection with God and one another.


Christmas Eve Worship Services
Experience the magic and wonder of the Christmas season as we gather for special worship services filled with carols, Scripture readings, and the joy of celebrating the birth of Christ.

Easter Sunday Worship Service
Join us as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with a powerful and uplifting experience that sets the tone for the day of rejoicing.

Witness the joy of God’s covenant being affirmed through the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. When individuals publicly declare their faith through baptism and when Christian parents/guardians present their children for baptism, we are reminded of God’s grace and our response in faith. Baptism is an outward sign of an inward grace, celebrating God’s covenant with us. Contact the church office to set up a time to discuss baptism with our pastor.

Your marriage is one of the most important and sacred events in your life. Our church staff is dedicated to helping you have a beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony. In the Christian tradition, a wedding is a worship service, so we have guidelines to ensure that the focus of the service remains on the bride and groom and the important vows they are taking. Contact the church office for more information at 813-782-5645 or cstafford@fmcz.org, or click on one of the links below.


We believe in honoring the lives of our departed with dignity and compassion. Our team is here to guide you through the funeral planning process, offering comfort, spiritual solace, and a respectful farewell.

While funerals and memorial services acknowledge grief, our focus is celebrating the deceased’s life, legacy, and new life in Christ. Our goal is to combine the joy that accompanies fond memories and the hope we have because of God’s promise of eternal life.

If you wish to schedule a funeral or memorial service, please contact Christy Stafford in our church office: cstafford@fmcz.org or 813-782-5645.

We will work with you and the funeral home to establish a date and time for the service at the church, funeral home, or graveside. Before the service, family members meet with a pastor to plan the service, including hymns, scripture passages, or other elements that will make the service more personal for the family.

Some people opt to plan their funeral or memorial service before they die. If you do, please make sure your family is aware of your wishes. Our pastor will be glad to talk with you about pre-planning your funeral if desired.


Stay informed about upcoming events and special services by checking our calendar page!


Invite friends and family to join you in experiencing the joy and significance of these special moments.
Contemporary Service 9:30am
Traditional Service 11:00am


9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.
Monday through Thursday

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Worship Passionately.
Love Extravagantly.
Witness Boldly.

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How Will You Take Your Next Step?
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Worship Passionately.
Love Extravagantly.
Witness Boldly.